The Norwood School 68 – 71 St Thomas the Apostle Sixth Form College

Norwood warmed up so late to the game,  and despite their valiant effort on the last quarter, St. Thomas the Apostle finished with a win, 68-71.

St.Thomas the Apostle had a smooth start scoring 20 points while Norwood struggled to convert most of their possessions, scoring just 6 points in the 1st quarter. The game continued the same into the 2nd  where St. Thomas the Apostle carried on with their consistent scoring. Norwood improved on offence but no intensity on defence left them losing the quarter 16-11.

Norwood started waking up on the 3rd quarter and raised the defence intensity, holding St.Thomas the Apostle to 18 points while scoring 21 points of their own.

The best play came for Norwood in the last quarter. They raised their defensive efforts and managed to convert steals and stops into baskets. St. Thomas the Apostle on the other hand, managed to keep the lead all the way and never gave up.

In the last 5 min of the game, there was only a basket difference in the lead. The game became technical and Norwood used their fouls to control time. However, St. Thomas the Apostle held their nerve and made crucial free throws down the stretch.

At the end of the quarter Norwood scored 30 points and St. Thomas the Apostle 17 points as the hosts came up just short despite the team’s hard work, led by top scorer S. Mitchell with 20 points. The game’s high scorer was St. Thomas the Apostle’s N. Adetuyole with 21 points.