Queen Ethelburga’s School vs Cheshire College South & West

Queen Ethelburga’s School picked up a win on Wednesday against Cheshire College South & West in the ABL Northern Conference, as the home side controlled the game from start to finish, and ran out 122-28 winners.

“Although the game wasn’t as competitive as we would have hoped for, the players showed real maturity and used the game to work on areas of their development as all players gave a strong contribution towards the outcome,” said QE Coach Josh Metcalf.

Elijah Walsh and Teilo Kelly led the way for QE, posting 27 points and 20 points, respectively, while James Mansell had 18 of his teams’ 28 points for the visitors.

Both teams will look forward to getting back on the floor after the half-term break, as both sides are next in action with road games at Carmel College, QE on 7 November and Cheshire a week later on 14 November.