Oasis Academy 49 vs 81 St Charles

The Oasis Academy Enfield (OAE) were given a rude awakening and were on the wrong side of a route from last year’s ABL runners up St Charles College.

The visitor’s came out to a strong start and got the home side in early foul trouble, St Charles maintained pressure and with the OAE’s lack of composure they capitalised.

OAE made a run of it in midway through the second quarter, but with a 14-0 run to end the half, St Charles never looked back and finished the game with an easy win.                

“They showed us why they were in the finals last year; they have a great will to win, great team spirit and are a hard nose team that do not stop coming at you. Lots of lessons learned again by our first year guys, we have a lot of work to do” said OAE Head Coach Perry Lawson

Leading scorers for St Charles; 27pts A.Adedo and 13pts for T.Small and for OAE K.Dixon had 11pts and L.Sayles had 10pts

OAE will look to bounce back against West Thames College next Wednesday and St Charles will travel down to CONEL on 6th November.