Moulton College vs Nottingham Academy

Nottingham Academy picked up an away victory against Moulton College 72-123, as they improved to 3-4 on the season.

Nottingham got off to a strong start, scoring early and making use of Moulton turnovers to lead 8-28 after the first. During the second period, the hosts started to score in transition and had their best quarter of the season, scoring 28 to help reduce the deficit at the half to 36-51.

In the third Nottingham came out and broke down the Moulton defence, scoring in transition as they poured in 41 points in the quarter, extending their lead to 53-92. The fourth saw more of the same as Moulton’s tiredness showed and Nottingham scoring on the break.

Moulton Coach Craig Hopkins said, “We missed too many shots under the basket and gave away to many turnovers. Nottingham came here and executed their game plan perfectly, they were consistent on boths end of the floor.”

Kristijonas Kestenis lead all scorers with 27 points, while Jackson Bisungu chipped in 23 points for Nottingham. William Munn had 15 points to lead Moulton, while Tom Odeny added 14 points.

Moulton’s next game sees them host Gateway College on Wednesday 19 December, while are next in action Nottingham when they welcome Stoke-on-Trent College after the Christmas break.