Moulton College 85 v 95 Long Road Sixth Form

Both teams entered this match with two defeats in their opening two games and both were keen to gain their first win of the season, with Long Road eventually coming out with a 95-85 victory.

Within the first few minutes of the game, the tone was set. Both teams testing each other’s defences but without creating much distance between each other in the first quarter. Long Road edging the first quarter 24 to Moulton’s 18.

The second quarter followed suit with Moulton narrowly outscoring the visitors 22-20. Moulton going to the free throw line on numerous occasions. Jonathon Ntumba (Moulton) and Dan Batcheler (Long Road) stamping their authority on the game. Each providing offense threats to the opposition. Long Road going into then end of the second quarter with a lead of 4 over Moulton (44-40).

The third quarter saw Long Road’s Tash Chawira add to Moulton’s worries with 13 points in the quarter and with Dan Batcheler also contributing 13 points. Moulton’s offense threat in the third coming from Jamal Jack (6 points) and Jonathan Ntumba (7 points). Long Road entering the fourth quarter with 16 points between themselves and Moulton.

Moulton came into the forth quarter with drive and purpose. Despite 2 players getting into foul trouble, they maintained their focus and pushed on to reduce Long Road’s lead. Moulton gave all their players the opportunity to experience the game and a debut in the ABL to Aaron Mander. Moulton’s push to reduce the deficit saw some quick turn overs and Long Road using the fast breaks to their advantage.
One last surge from Moulton saw the game close out with Moulton wining the fourth quarter 30 to Long Road 23 points. But 10 points short of being able to claim their first win of the season.

Moulton head coach Tom Brinkley said: “After the loss last week, I was looking for a response from the players. In many ways the players did respond in a manner I am pleased with. Long Road came here, hungry for the win. This was a game which really could have swung either way. So we will now focus our efforts to our away fixture with Leyton next week.”

Top scorers for Long Road were Dan Batcheler on 39, Tash Chawira on 20 and Karl Holmes with 11. For Moulton, Jonathan Ntumba had 31, Jamal Jack scored 25 and Dinari Williams finished with 13.