Moulton College 72 – 117 Essex Rebels (Vi6 Colchester)

Moulton College entered the last home fixture of 2019 with confidence of causing an upset to Essex Rebels impressive league form . However due to a spate of illness and injury, Moulton were only able to put a team together minutes before tip.  Essex Rebels were able to bring a full team to the fixture, leaving Moulton as clear underdogs.

The first quarter saw both teams trading blows, with Essex pulling away from Moulton  at the end of the 1st via a 3 point shot from E Aoebambo at the end of the quarter. Essex Rebels edging the first quarter 29 to Moulton’s 25.

The second quarter followed suit with Essex  narrowly outscoring the visitors 25-18. Majority of the points coming off impressive off ball movement and movement of the ball.  Moulton were having joy by drawing fouls from the Essex defence however only able to convert FT at 43% all game. Essex into half time with only a 11 point advantage at 54 to 43 respectively.

The third quarter saw the size and quality of Essex’s bench really come into play with Coach Sadler able to roll on and off 5 players at a time. . Despite the valiant efforts of Moulton’s defence, Essex maintained their scoring with 25 points in the quarter to Moulton’s 12. Moulton limited with options from the bench.  However J.Jack scored an impressive in game dunk during the third.

The forth quarter saw Essex pull away scoring an impressive 36 points to Moulton’s 17. Despite the score and squad limitations,  Moulton maintained pressure til the dying seconds.

Head Coach Tom Brinkley stated, “Essex came today with depth and quality, their ball movement and off the ball movement was great to see. Having come off a heavy defeat at New City last week, we were looking to cause an upset today, however with injury and last min illnesses, we’re weren’t in a position to follow that through for the whole game. The players put all they had into the game and the difference from when we played Essex earlier in the season is evident..   “

Top scorers: D Beaird 23 D.Ojo  22, J Green 20, E Aoebambo 16. Moulton,  , J Ntumba 34, J Jack 16, D Williams-Brown 11, D Cabatirunas 5

Essex host Leyton next week, with Moulton travelling to Long Road..