Moulton College 79-92 County Upper School

Both teams entered the first match of the new year with a sense of focus and drive. Moulton were seeking revenge for the narrow defeat earlier in the season.

Within the first few minutes of the game, the tone was set. Both teams tested each other’s defences but without creating much distance between each other in the first quarter. County Upper edged the first quarter 24 to Moulton’s 20.

The second quarter followed suit with County Upper narrowly outscoring the home team 26-21, with County Upper going into half time with a nine point advantage at 50 to 41 respectively. County Upper were led early on by E Krinas scoring 13 points in the first half.

Throughout the first quarter both teams were showing their teeth, probing each other’s defence and testing each other’s will. County Upper found easy lanes down the middle to Moulton’s basket. County Upper showed good ball movement and off ball movement to create shooting opportunities throughout the first two quarters.

The Third quarter saw County Upper pull away, with P Ennis-Bug hitting two impressive threes off good ball movement again. Throughout the game County Upper had no need to press Moulton, so were setting themselves up to limit Moulton’s options offensively.

True to form Moulton came back into the game in the fourth quarter, but the damage was done from the scoring by County Upper in the third. Moulton pressed the County Upper offense to reduce the deficit in the last quarter. County Upper turned the ball over to Moulton’s advantage in the fourth, with Moulton scoring 22 to County Upper’s 17 points.

Head Coach Tom Brinkley stated, “We wanted to win this game, we lost by seven earlier in the season and knew today was going to be tight. Without the support of Coach Johnson in obtaining a last minute ref, the game wouldn’t have been played. Our defence today was poor, not aggressive and we gave County Upper too many easy baskets. County Upper wanted the win more, going toe to toe for the first half but again dropping off in the third. We left it too late in the game to step our game up.”

Top scorers: E.Kriunas 24 Points, S.Daltery 16 Points, T.Revell 15, C.Poolton 10 Moulton: D Williams 21, J.Jack 19, N.Ntumba 20, D Cebatoriunas 10.