Mayfield School 77 – 51 Moulton College

Mayfield Basketball Academy return to winning ways after beating Moulton College (77-51)

The game would begin with a 24 second shot clock and an 8 second back court violation in tribute to Kobe Bryant. The game then began with a lot of energy with Moulton causing turnovers and converting in transition. After recomposing themselves, Mayfield began to find some rhythm and the quarter would finish with Moulton in the lead (20-21)

After a complete restructure during the quarter break from Coach Donnie. Mayfield would come out with a lot of energy and would cause a lot of traps and steals in their press. This resulted in many transition points and opportunities to get good offence. Mayfield would outscore Moulton 28-6 and would build a comfortable lead going into half time. (48-27)

The third quarter would see Moulton fight back and give the game a bit more balance, but with Mayfield out-rebounding Moulton it would allow Mayfield to still push the lead ever so slightly. The fourth quarter allowed Mayfield to make rotations off the bench and the second string would close the game out with Mayfield winning the game. (77-51)

Coach Donnie said after the game: “It was great to see everyone play with a bit more energy today. We are always talking about trying to play well for 40 minutes and although today was not perfect, you could see the boys playing very hard and were good for most of the game. Credit to Coach Tom and his Moulton team who refused to back down and continued to push through the quarters and continued to get better as the game went on. Very pleased also to see Jeremy Jacobs pick up his efforts and show what he is capable of in this league with a double double performance today.”

Top Performers


J, Jacobs – 20 Points, 15 Rebounds

I, Dar – 12 Points, 7 Rebounds


A, Hallowell – 17 Points, 6 Rebounds

10 – 11 Points

Mayfield will play their final regular season game against New City College next week. Whilst Moulton will welcome Haringey to Northampton.