Mayfield School 75-92 Essex Rebels (Vi6 Colchester)

Mayfield Basketball Academy started the new year in defeat as Essex Rebels Academy won 92-75.

Mayfield began with all the momentum, great structure and communication on defence causing turnovers which led to fast break scores. The home team would finish the first quarter 22-14 up. Foul trouble in the second quarter would cause leading scorers I.Dar and K.Dar to sit, resulting in a change in structure which Essex Would take advantage of and go on a shooting spree led by guard R.Taylor. Mayfield would end the quarter 38-44 down.

The third quarter was no different to the second, as Essex continued to score at will being led by captain J.Green. Mayfield could not find an answer offensively or defensively and would end the third quarter down 53-74. The final quarter saw Mayfield find their feet a little but it was all too late. Although Mayfield won the final quarter, the score would finish 75-92 to the away side.

Coach Donnie said after the game: “It was great to welcome my mentor Coach Tom Sadler and my old team to the college today and all credit to Coach Tom’s team, who were offensive machines today. J. Green and R. Taylor were unstoppable. We started well but again we were unable to find a full 40 minute performance. The first and fourth quarter shows we can compete with the best teams in this league but we need to be able to do this for 40 minutes. That’s the focus currently, to stay locked in for the whole game.”

Top Performers


I, Dar: 21 Points, 6 Steals
K, Dar: 20 Points, 7 Rebounds


J, Green: 35 Points, 38 Efficiency
R, Taylor: 23 Points, 29 Efficiency

Mayfield will travel for the last time this season to Leyton Sixth Form next week, Essex will host league leaders New City.