Leyton Sixth Form College 44-92 New City College

New City came into the game with great strength, growing as the game went on. Leyton Sixth Form College (LSC) were coming back from a close game last week with only a 4 point defeat to Mayfield. A firing start from New City, gave them a clear quick start to the game, however as the game went on LSC began fighting back and the points were racked up.


New City Captain S.Torres, started the game with a 2 pointer, closely followed by the first 3 pointer made by A.Oke. LSC captain M. Adelakun hit back quickly with a 2 pointer to get LSC back in the game. However, visitors New City were not holding back, staying calm but piling on the pressure with continuous successful attempts leaving the score 7-31 at the first quarter in their favour.


The second quarter saw LSC wake up and even out the control of the game. After a triumphant start from L. Ogidan, LSC received 2 free throws but were unsuccessful in the taking. Although LSC fighting back the second quarter mirrored the first, with New City finishing 47 points up.


The third quarter LSC were wide awake and ready to defend and power through. LSC put the pressure on with Captain M. Adelakun giving the visitors a run for their money. However New City were not backing down and proved their strength yet again, pressing on and ending the third quarter 52 up.


The fourth and final quarter started rapidly with a dynamic performance from A. Baillie, doing so raised the crowd to their feet. LSC gaining and missing 3 free throws, it seemed they had lost their fight.  New city took the advantage, pressing on and again with an outstanding 6 points made by M. Gordon to carry the visitor’s through to the end with 92 points.


Notable scorers

Adelakun- 19

King- 6

Baillie- 5


Gordon- 28


Oke- 14