Leyton Sixth Form College 56 – 60 Long Road Sixth Form College

After a tough game last week Leyton (LSC) came back this week fighting and confident for a better result. Having faced long toad previously in the year LSC were seemingly prepared and ready. Long Road started the game quickly, with Allgood scoring first, however this was closely followed by LSC’s Agintas who scored a 2 pointer, with King continuing the momentum with another two to follow. The pressure was on and Long Road stepped up, Chawira was on fire, and added an impressive 8 points to the away teams score before the end of the first quarter.

Ballie started off the 2nd quarter with a quick fire shot to the basket, closely followed by Long Road’s Cailao with a smooth 2 pointer. The 2nd quarter saw a fast game and harsh defending, and heavily dominated by  Chawira, who scored five in a row, totalling an additional 11 points for Long Road and they head towards half time. LSC struggled to find a way to deal with the full court press.

After an impressive first half, Chawira came back on with confidence and again controlling the ball play with an additional 4 points on the board, but failed to make the following 2 free throws. LSC started to come back pilling on the pressure to even the scores. A great performance from the whole team, especially R. Stucinskis and King racking up 15 points to end the 3rd quarter.

The fourth and final quarter of the game started with Long Road who were up by 6 points, and after missing both free throws LSC saw a lifeline. Stucinskis again putting the effort in to add the 6 points to make the score dead even. Just 4 minutes left of the game and LSC are only behind by 2, but it was Long Road who gathered every last bit of energy into 4 more baskets to reach the victorious 60 points.


Notable scorers

Stveinski- 15




Chawira- 29

Phuchamrocn- 15