Carmel College vs Allerton High School

In a rearranged game that saw Carmel College face Allerton High, it would be the away side who would run away with a 74-87 win.

The first quarter would be close with both teams playing good basketball and the home side taking an early lead. The game would then take a turn for the worse for the home side in the second quarter, as sloppy turnovers against the Allerton High half court defense would lead to some easy baskets in transition for the away side, however, the home side would regroup through some savvy guard play from George Ball and inside play through Alex Mason. The second half would prove to be a different story for the home side, as Leeds would go on a 15-2 run in the third quarter to put them firmly in driving seat behind the experience of Harry Resendez and Jake Aldridge. With both sides playing short handed it would be the away side who ran away with it in the fourth quarter.

‘It has been a difficult season playing with a talented but inexperienced predominantly u17 group however this season and games like this are very important for our development going forward, and I know we will go on to do good things next season,’ said Carmel Head Coach – Dominic O’Neill