Archbishop Beck Catholic Sports College 69-113 Queen Ethelburga’s

This Monday afternoon fixture, which was rearranged from the original December game because it clashed with QE’s Christmas break, saw this game played at Beck’s second court because the exam desks were out in the main sports hall.

This change of court did little to hamper the sharp shooting from QE’s two star guards. Elijah Walsh and Latrell Davies combined for 25 of the teams 32 first quarter points.

ABBA was down 32-15 after the quarter and it was clear Walsh hadn’t cooled down from the 50 points he had last week, dominating at both ends of the court, also scoring 19 in the quarter.

ABBA was outscored 27-9 and had little offensive flow and serious foul trouble with Dario Mataj picking up his 3 and 4th fourth foul after a technical, and Liam Burgess with 3 early fouls.

Half time QE led 59-24, with Walsh already having a stellar 30 points, Davies contributed greatly also with 21.

In the third, the home team started to find the basket a bit more with 8 quick points from Mataj, but QE turned it up to another level, showcasing the skills of two of the best guards in the country for their age, Walsh impressed with a further 20 points in the 3rd and Davies chipping in with 11.

After three, QE led 94-44 after a 37-20 quarter.

The final stage saw Elijah Walsh given a well-deserved break after tallying his 52nd point of the night, which makes it back to back 50+ point games for him!

ABBA fought to the end and rallied once the game was truly over, but outscored QE 26-16 in the final ten minutes.

Final score 113-69 to QE.

Top Scorers QE

Walsh 52, Davies 34, Kelly 11


Burgess 16, Mataj 15, Ali 8

ABBA will face local rivals Carmel next game and QE face Hartlepool at home.