Player of the Week: Aaron Badibo

London Lions

In perhaps one of the least surprising selections of the season, New City College’s Aaron Badibo was a unanimous choice for ABL Player of the Week.

After an eye-popping 75 point performance to sink Uxbridge College 120-78 in week 15, Badibo showcased his supreme talent as he kept pouring in the points all afternoon. The youngster saved the best for last though, scoring a whopping 32 points in the game’s final quarter. The fact that Badibo went 9-14 from beyond the arc (20-25 from the floor) and pulled down 10 boards is almost an afterthought, given his scoring in the contest!

Badibo is a serial performer in the ABL, collecting multiple Player of the Week honours over the last few years. He posted an incredible quadruple-double back in 2017, and has featured for the London Lions in the BBL during 2018/19.

“I’m just happy we won the game and my team mates did what our coaches asked,” said Badibo. “I want to get better everyday and see where that takes me.

NCC’s Coach Andrea Norton added: “Aaron is a joy to coach, he has a lot of steps to take and I know he will work hard every stage, I am pleased for him.”